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- Part 107 Drone Certified

- Proficient in Photoshop & Illustrator

- Worked in build industry for 15 years.

- Freelancer; All in house design

- Publications including:

   - New England Home Magazine

   - New England Living Summer 2020

   - Greenwich Lifestyle Magazine

I'm a photographer based in Connecticut who specializes in photographing architecture; with a mild travel obsession.


As a child, I grew up in an era where society transitioned from enjoying the outdoors to being completely engrossed in a computer screen. I was fortunate enough to take advantage of these times to learn digital design while still appreciating the beautiful outdoors. 


Prior to, and during, my photography career, I worked in the industry as an AV installer working side by side with architects, designers and builders. This allowed me a great amount of exposure to the build process from start-to-finish. It has helped my understanding to what is involved in a successful project. In return, it has enhanced my creativity and provided me a clear understanding on what key elements need be captured to present a portfolio ready photograph for my clients.


Being a self taught photographer, I have always created my own opportunity to grow my portfolio and knowledge by networking with others at various workshops, expos, and art schools. I have been an established photographer for over seven years photographing luxury properties for architects, builders, and interior designers along the East Coast. As I travel the country and abroad, I continue to network and create lasting memories with others. There’s no better beauty than doing what you love as often as you can.  

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T- (203) 215-7504

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